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Yoga pads are often healthier

Announcer:adminRelease time:2019-03-02 22:08

How does yoga mat wash and maintain? Well purchased yoga mats are your good friends from now on. Treat a good friend, the nature of careful care. If you buy yoga mats, often use never maintenance, dust accumulated in the surface of the yoga mat and perspiration will eventually harm to his health, so a lot of yoga mat cleaning is necessary.

How does yoga mat wash and maintain? Recommend a conditional choice of imported yoga mats. Yoga mat products are in direct contact with the body and skin of yoga practitioners, as well as chemicals. Be careful not to use any quality products to prevent damage to your skin.

1, in the cleaning of yoga mats, to protect the yoga mat on the anti-skid tissue, because these anti-skid tissue is very important, in yoga practice, avoid sports injury.

2, generally speaking, if you use yoga mat 3-4 times a week, it is recommended to keep the frequency of cleaning every week to keep the yoga mat clean.

3, not dirty yoga mat, you can use two glasses of water and 4 drops of detergent into the sprayer, spray Yoga pad, and then dry cloth dry.

4, a very dirty yoga mat, wash, add cold water in the laundry, add detergent. A little less detergent, because any residue will make the cleaning mat slip.

5. Wipe the cushion with a damp cloth and rinse it again. Use a big towel to roll up the yoga mat and drain the excess moisture.

6, dry in the shade, pay attention to avoid direct sunlight.