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Encounter the flames to teach you ten strokes "" hedge

Announcer:adminRelease time:2019-03-02 22:17

The two main aspects of casualties caused by fire: first, smoke and gas suffocation, and the two is the flame burns and strong thermal radiation. As long as it can avoid or reduce these two kinds of harm, can protect their own safety, reduce harm. Therefore, how to grasp some fire self-help tips, trouble may be able to gain second life.

1 fire, always pay attention to escape road Each person to their work, study or live in the structure of the building and the escape path to do to understand, to be familiar with the building fire facilities and self-help escape method. So, when the fire broke out, will not be cornered. When you are in a strange environment, be sure to pay attention to evacuation routes, safety exits and stairs, and so on, so as to escape the scene as soon as possible.

2 put out a small fire, benefit others and themselves "

When a fire occurs, if the fire is not large, and has not yet posed a great threat to the people, we should make full use of the surrounding fire equipment, such as fire extinguishers, fire hydrants and other facilities to control the small fire, put out. Don't confound screaming around, or the others without regard for their own &rdquo, or “ exit; a small fire in disregard and catastrophe.

3 caught fire, keep calm speed out of

Suddenly faced with smoke and fire, must keep calm, quickly determine the dangerous place and safe place, decided to escape to evacuate Xiande as soon as possible. Do not blindly follow the flow and congestion, blunt rampant. Only calm and calm, in order to come up with a good way.

4 as soon as possible out of the woods, cherish life Liancai Mo

In the scene, life is more than money. The danger, escape is heavy, must race against time, remember not money.

5 rapid evacuation, crawl Mo standing

In the evacuation of the fire scene, when the smoke billowing, the line of sight is not clear, choking you breathless, do not stand to walk, should quickly climb on the ground or squat, so as to find a way to escape.

Use channel 6, not the elevator go blind alley "padding:

When a fire occurs, can use the stairs to exit, also can use the balcony windowsill buildings, skylights and other climbing to a safe location around, or bileixian etc... along the building structure in my slide protruding.

7 fireworks besieged, hedge adherence to do it

When the escape route is cut off and no relief in a short time, can be taken to find or create shelter, adherence to the kind of way. Should first meet the fire doors and windows closed, open fire back doors and windows, with a wet towel, wet cloth blocked door or water soaked blankets covered windows, and then water drenching room, to prevent smoke infiltration, adherence to aid.

8 jump of the life insurance to no harm to the body "

Many people choose to jump fire escape. Jump to speak skills, jumping as much as possible should be central to the life-saving air jump or select a pool, soft awning, meadow direction jump; if possible, try to embrace some quilts, sofa cushions and other soft items or open umbrellas to jump, in order to reduce impact.

9 fire and oneself, in situ

The fire fall his clothes on fire, should be to try to take off their clothes or roll over on the ground, put out the flames; promptly jumped into the water or let a person to water spray extinguishing agent is more effective.

10 danger, self-help MO forget save others "

Any person found a fire, should as soon as possible call “ 119” call for help, in a timely manner to report a fire. The children and the old and infirm, they do not possess or lose self ability, the presence of other people in addition to self-help, should also actively help them as soon as possible to escape from danger.