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Classification of car mats

Announcer:adminRelease time:2019-03-14 09:23

By function: 1, car type vehicle Ottomans; 2, universal mats

According to shape classification: 1, flat mats; 2, three-dimensional mat; Classification by Technology: 1, hand pads; 2, machine woven mats; 3, injection molding machine Ottomans; Material Category: 1, fiber mats; 2, flax mats; 3, PVC floor mats; 4 rubber feet; 5, woolen mats; 6, leather pads; 7, VSQ Ottomans;

The advantages and disadvantages of various materials: Fiber mat: Advantages: The only car factory original supporting material selection Ottomans, has good resistance to decay, corrosion resistance, is environmentally friendly products, choice of materials stress, high-grade appearance. Able to absorb water, dust, decontamination, noise, protection and other functions play host blanket limit. Disadvantages: high price.

Flax mats: the advantage of cheaper prices. Disadvantages are: relatively soft to the touch and easy to fluff after cleaning, and deform after washing several times, leading to foot up mat surface deep down, affecting comfort, in order to avoid sliding recommend regular replacement.

pvc mat (or plastic pads): Advantages: It is easy to clean. Disadvantages: Winter easily harden, slides, and some products are not controlled raw material quality, taste heavy Is a kind of spinning mats pvc material, debris, dust into very easy to clean, and the price is high.

Rubber Feet: rubber foot with plastic mats as easy to clean. Rubber texture mat at relatively large temperature variations are less easily deformed, are suitable for winter use. The disadvantage is that the taste is heavy.

Elastomer TPE car mats: TPE car mat combines the advantages of PVC mats and rubber feet, non-toxic tasteless, non-slip, anti-static, not affected by temperature, easy to clean, has a good touch, long life .

Cloth pads: There two kinds of velvet and pure wool. Handmade products, the price is generally higher, not easy to manage.

Leather Feet: for example three-dimensional mat, easy to clean, the disadvantage is non-absorbent, dust, noise is not good.

VSQ Feet: independent research and development of new environmentally friendly material: polymer organic substances, environmentally safe green pollution-free, odor-free; can be biodegradable and will not harm the environment or the burning of waste, and recyclable again. VSQ with excellent thermal insulation, insulation, chemical resistance and other characteristics. Plus processing products uniform performance, size, accurate and easy to control; the absorption rate is very low, an excellent waterproof anti-permeability; blisters remain unchanged even after prolonged; super wear; good impact resistance, and are closely linked because of the foam structure intramural seamless, so its high compressive strength, excellent weather resistance, ozone, ultraviolet light, the arc has a good tolerance, high and low temperature resistance.