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PP PE pelletizing machine

Product Application

JLD series PE Film pelletizing line combines crushing, compressing, plasticization and pelletizing. Recycle plastic film, fiber, waste PE/PP jumbo bag, PE/PP plastic non-woven bag, and foaming material, the final product can be granule or pellet, which two shapes can be directly used in film blowing, pipe extrusion and injection.

Machine list

No. Machine Part Function
1 Belt Conveyor Waste film feeding
2 Plastic Agglomerator Film agglomeration
3 Single Screw Extruder compressing, plasticization
4 Hydraulic Screen Changer Dirt filtering
5 Single Screw Extruder 2nd Stage compressing, plasticization
6 Hydraulic Screen Changer & Extrusion Mould Dirt filtering
7 Water Tank Strand cooling
8 Strong-Air Dryer Strand drying
9 Pelletizer Strand pelletizing
10 Vibrator pellets size screening
11 Packing System (Blower & Silo) Granule packing