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HDPE PVD water drainage board extrusion line

The product produced by this machine Is specially used for producing PE high strength carbon waterproof structure plate; the plate is widely used for project of highway and railway, project of bridge and tunnel and project of underground.

Model JLD300 JLD600 JLD1000
Extruder Ø65/28 Ø90/30 Ø120/33
Screw dia. Ø65mm Ø90mm Ø120mm
Width of panel 300mm 600mm 1250mm
Thickness of panel 20-50mm 20-50mm 20-50mm
Type of panel A: (single-side)  B: (double-side)
Voltage 220V/380V
Installed capacity (approx) 73kw 88kw 126kw
Dimensions (L×W×H) 15*1.2*2.8m 20*1.8*3.2m 30*2.2*3.5m