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PVC WPC Crust Foamed Board Production Line

Application of pvc crust foamed board

i. Construction (Building & upholster)

1. Decorative wall panels with silk printing;

2. Composite floor panels;

3. Decorative and moisture resistance ceiling, corner and skirting;

4. Furniture, windows or doors;

5. Cupboards in kitchen or toilet;

6. Base board for vanity top and water basin at kitchen and laundries;

7. Access panels in wet area;

9. Indoor and outdoor sign board, traffic sign for advertisement or exhibition kiosk;

10.. Outdoor display, screen printing, digital printing, 3D pop, dimensional signs.

Other areas application :Toilet cubicles;Packing material and containers;Cabinets of automobile, railway, metro and vessel;Lining to plating tank and acid / alkali tank;

Protection shell for machinery; Dust for rubbish collection equipment; Transportation inner decoration.

Main Technical Parameters

Model Unit SJSZ80/156 SJSZ92/188 SJSZ80/156, SJ65/132
Product width mm 915/1220 1220/1560 1560-2050
Product thickness mm 3-20 5-30 3-20
Max. extrusion capacity Kg/h 350 500 600
Power of extruder KW 75 110 75+37