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PVC/WPC door board extrusion line

Product Description

The PVC wide door extrusion production line JLD adopts the latest manufacturing technology. It uses some parts of international famous brand.The SJSZ80/156,92/188 conical twin-screw plastic extruder are specially designed. Because it use ABB, SIEMENS frequency converter, RKC, and OMRON temperature control meter, it has the advantages of convenient and reliable operation etc.The PVC wood door extrusion production line is made up of conical twin-screw plastic extruder, broad mould, calibrator, cooling platform, crawler tractor, transverse cutting machine, and unload frame.

It can be used for inside and outside door, wall,window board etc. The raw material is PVC or PVC and wood mixing extrusion foaming process.The products of the PVC wide door extrusion production line have the advantages of wood and plastic. It has a unique appearance and overcomes the shortcomings of natural wood,but also has the good processing performance similar to that of wood.

The weight gravity can be controlled between 0.6-0.9kg/m3. It can be sawed, nailed, planed. The job can be completed by woodworking tools.Wood plastic materials and its products have the advantages of resistance to strong acid and alkali, water resistance, corrosion resistance, not easy to be eaten, anti aging, anti static, flame retardant.

Product features:

1. Working performance: energy saving 30-40%, stable operation, high production efficiency, low cost, high quality end products.

2. Ability to upgrade: easily upgrade, do not destroy the original structure, can change the extruder, and other parts, etc.

3. Maintenance conditions: provide maintenance accessories, provide training services.

4. Long working life.

Technical parameters

Type JLD600 JLD800 JLD1000 JLD1250
Width of Product(mm) 600 800 1000 1200
Extruder Model SJZ80/156 SJZ80/156 SJZ92/188 SJZ92/188
Capacity(kg/h) 280 280 600 600
Motor(kw) 55 55 132 132
Cooling Water(m³/h) 10 12 15 18
Compressed Ail(m³/min) 0.6 0.8 1.0 1.2