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PVC wavy board extrusion line

PVC Wave Roofing sheet/Tile Extrusion Line is comprised by a single or twin conical screw extruder and corresponding wave plate forming machine, cutting machine, edge trimming machine, etc.

If replacing the relevant components, this line also can produce the PC transparent wave plate, PP wave panel, chequer plank,PVC,UPVC sheet, 3-layer co-extrusion color PC, PP, PVC wave plate.


1. The line adopts conical twin-screw extruder;

2. Guide for formulation and raw material purchasing can be provided;

3. Low production cost and excellent product function;

4. Single layer or A+B/A+B+C/A+B+A multi-layer tile can be chosen;

Advantages of Corrugated Tile:

1. Excellent thermal insulation;

2. Fireproofing and fire-resisting

3. Corrosion resistance

4. Strong weather ability

5. Long service life

6. Good day-lighting

7. Low noise

8. Environment-friendly

9. Good-looking

10. Easy construction

11. Higher price-performance ratio


The tile’s range of application is wide: workshop, warehouse, vehicle shed, agricultural fair, wall, temporary retail shop, heating insulation shed and so on. Technical Parameter of PVC roofing sheet/ tile production line :

Structure Single layer Double layers Three layers Four layers
Product width 720-1360mm 720-1360mm 720-1360mm 720-1360mm
Product thickness 0.8-3.0mm 1.0-3.0mm 1.2-3.0mm 2.0-4.5 mm
Extruder model SJSZ80/156 SJ50/30+SJSZ80/156 SJSZ51/105+SJSZ65/132+SJSZ51/105 SJ50/30+SJSZ80/156+SJSZ65/132
Designed capacity 200-300kg/h 250-400kg/h 250-400kg/h 250-400kg/h