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PVC board production line


Transportation industry: ships, airplanes, buses, train cars, ceilings, car cores, interior trim panels.

Construction and decoration industry: building exterior wall panels, interior decorative panels, residential, office, public space building partitions, commercial decorative frames, clean room panels, ceiling panels, kitchen utensils, sanitary ware. Advertising industry: stencil printing, computer lettering, advertising signs, display boards, sign boards.

Industrial applications: chemical industry anti-corrosion engineering, thermometer parts, cold storage panels, special cold preservation projects, environmental protection panels.

Other uses: stencils, sports equipment, aquaculture materials, beach moisture-proof facilities, water-resistant materials, art materials, various lightweight partitions.

Processing range: thickness 1-20mm width 800-2050mm.

Item Quanlity
SJSZ80/156 conical twin screw extruder 1 Set
Calibration unit 1 Set
Cooling tank and bracket 1 Set
Haul-off unit 1 Set
Cutting unit 1 Set
Stacker 1 Set
Mould(T-Die) 1 Set